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Why is upper arm fat so stubborn? 

The upper arms are a problem area for women and men alike, mainly women. This type of fat deposit is hard to eliminate because they are influenced by genetics, age, and even hormonal changes. In addition, upper arm fat tends to resist diet and exercise, making it hard to reduce on your own without professional help.  

It is also nearly impossible to tone away fat in the upper arms. Building arm muscles with exercise provides a toned appearance. However, the muscles can be obscured by extra fat buildup and manual exercise does not specifically reduce the fat cells in the arm area. This is because “spot reducing” fat is a myth. Therefore, there is no way to burn upper arm fat and tone the biceps quickly and easily.  

Now, with Emsculpt Neo for arms, people struggling with embarrassing upper arms have a solution that helps them quickly lose built-up fat while toning the muscle.  

What is Emsculpt Neo? 

Emsculpt Neo is the newest body shaping treatment. It utilizes dual energies, electromagnetic and radiofrequency, to burn fat cells and build muscle. 

Reducing upper arm fat with Emsculpt Neo 

During Emsculpt Neo treatments, the RF (Radio Frequency) energy heats underlying muscles and fat cells. This thermal action eliminates persistent fat cells located above the target muscle group. This heating action also warms the muscles and prepares the tissue for intense work via HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) energy. The destroyed fat cells are naturally gathered after treatment. The body’s lymphatic system then expels them from the body as waste. Once removed, the fat cells can never return. Results are natural-looking and long-term.  

Toning arms with Emsculpt 

When Emsculpt Neo was released, it did not take long for the demand to increase and popularity to rise. Now, the machine’s manufacturers are continuing to improve their technology by expanding available treatment areas. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) (Food and Drug Administration) first cleared Emsculpt Neo to reduce fat and build muscle in the abs. Now, this popular treatment targets the thighs and arms.  

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