Weight Loss in Tallahassee

Lose weight in a safe, healthy way with a Doctor’s supervision, medication, diet and supplements.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Healthy Solutions Medical Weight Loss has been providing safe, successful personalized weight loss programs since 2008, helping thousands in the Tallahassee area lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off.

Our medical staff will help you achieve your goals enabling you to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Your weight loss is our business: that’s what we do.

​We have the experience, knowledge and medical staff that’s only interested in one thing, helping you lose weight. We know you can’t maintain a diet that keeps you hungry, and we know that most diets are too restrictive.

We create individual programs designed to meet your specific needs because we know one diet does not fit all. Prescription or all natural appetite suppressants are used as a tool in aiding portion control.

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Why is Healthy Solutions the right choice for you?

We are a medically supervised weight loss program. Our medical staff will design a custom program to meet your lifestyle and weight loss goals. Our program is not a diet but a change in eating habits and behaviors to get you to lose weight and keep it off. Every week we sit down one-on-one and go over your week, discuss any challenges you are having, and help you come up with strategies to overcome them.

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An affordable way to lose weight

  • Safe and affordable medical weight loss.
  • Proven weight loss programs.
  • Personal care from licensed medical staff.
  • No contracts or to sign.

Healthy Solutions Medical provides a safe and affordable way to lose weight. We have helped thousands of patients since we opened in 2008. We will not only help you to achieve your weight loss goal but we will work with your to maintain your weight loss.

  • Your weight loss program will be under the guidance of Dr. Morales and our well trained medical staff.
  • We will educate you about appetite management and activities to lose weight.
  • Learn strategies to keep weight off using real foods.
  • This is not a quick fix. This is a lifestyle change.
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Our Programs Include:

  • Complete medical exam including blood pressure, complete blood panel, EKG, B-12 vitamin injections and first week of prescription medication*
  • Weekly consultation with our medical staff
  • Overall health and body composition analysis
  • Supplements and full line of weight loss products

*After consent with Dr. Morales
*Results may vary from patient to patient

Food Journal

Food Journal and ApplesFood journals are an incredible tool for providing a detailed record of your food and beverage intake.

(Download Food Journal)

This free resource has been successfully used by hundreds of HS-MED clients. We hope you find it a powerful tool for your weight loss journey.

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